The Wrongful Perception of Power That Is Ruining the World

Powerful entities have existed, reigned, and corroded with time. From men to organizations to countries and alliances, there always has been a power differential in the world. The kings and queens have been seen as a symbol of power at more than one point during history. In this day and age where we cherish democracies, should we still be clinging on to our past perceptions?

The question is relevant in an increasingly nationalistic world where leaders that try to act like powerful emperors are elected to power. Taking no names, anybody with a sufficient understanding of global politics will agree. The purpose of a democracy is to cut down on dictatorial rulers. The purpose of democracy was to have an equal rule of law. But why are dictatorial people still elected to power? The simple answer is propaganda but why it works needs to be investigated.

People tend to think that those who rule like a king or a queen is powerful. If I am powerful, I don’t need to dictate my powers. Those who need to abuse power to stay in power are not powerful, they are cowards. Those who thug around the media and force them to shut up, they are not powerful, they are cowards. But somehow, the world have them mixed up.

Someone that can shut up the media, someone who filters the free press are seen as symbol of power. And this is killing it for everyone in the world. This wrongful perception of who is powerful allows dictatorial and nationalistic people to come into power and get away with their autocracies. This is happening across the globe on multitude of democracies. This isn’t as if all the authoritarian regimes isn’t causing plenty of troubles for themselves already.

This post coming up at the time of Covid19 can feel a little cranky. However I without a doubt think that such nationalistic regimes are partially responsible for the spread of the virus. In the western world, leaders not adhering to the lock-down policy is strangely (or not so) seen powerful by a group of people. Now that sounds very familiar with ways which typical nationalistic leaders get elected to power.

Lack of individuality

Nationalism perhaps maybe directly attributed to lack of individuality. Vice versa could also be potentially true as nationalism can cause a drop in individual qualities. The power of judgement is void in absolute nationalistic people. Their government and their army is always right. They don’t have the mental endurance to think otherwise. This can be made possible by shear propaganda.

A patriot is someone that is willing to criticize the authority for its mistakes. A patriot will appreciate the authority for its good deeds. A patriot puts the country in the right direction and don’t just feed on whatever the country does. A patriot has individuality and character. A patriot has judgment.

You as responsible citizens are to keep the rule of law applicable for everyone including the authorities. The authorities makes sure that the rule of law is kept among the citizens. But who keeps the same check on the authority? It’s must be the people. At least the once in the democracies.

This is where the nationalistic bunch causes a lot of trouble. Authorities do their part of the job, or maybe perhaps they even become dictatorial. The nationalistic bunch is blinded to this fact. For them, its a display of power, pride, and prejudice. This is the wrongful perception of power that make a sheep’s dream come true. More or less, the world is increasingly being filled with sheep at this point in time.

I don’t blame propaganda, I blame you

Why is large groups of educated people easily manipulated by propaganda? This stems from the wrongful perceptions as I appropriately began the article with. With all the things that have happened in this world, if you still think the kings/queens/dictatorial rulers are powerful and not think the cowards they actually are, then I myself pity on you.

What is powerful needs to be reevaluated in to the modern world. People that can rant their mouth out on the journalists or frighten them so they remain silent are not powerful. People that exercise their power to force things to happen in their favor is not powerful. People that send young people to die and take credit for their accomplishments are not powerful. They are what they are, the c-word.

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