10 Morning Super-Habits to Adopt Right Away

How you start your morning will define your entire day. And how you live each day will define how you live your life. So it is important to start each morning accordingly. There are some great habits to kick off your morning just the way you want so you can live a happy and productiveContinue reading “10 Morning Super-Habits to Adopt Right Away”

13 Benefits of Writing

I used to believe writing is a skillful task that needs to be learned and mastered. However, with time Iā€Œ realized that embracing writing as a skill to make an economic living is a tapered view of the whole art. Writing to lead a professional life is all too different from the indigenous art itself.Continue reading “13 Benefits of Writing”

6 Handpicked Free To-Do List Apps for 2020

Gone are the days we are frustrated about writing down the minutest task in a piece of paper and keeping it on your pocket all day long.ā€Œ Now we have apps to do anything and actively remind us of our tasks.ā€Œ This post aims to rank 6 apps that are either completely free or hasContinue reading “6 Handpicked Free To-Do List Apps for 2020”