10 Morning Super-Habits to Adopt Right Away

How you start your morning will define your entire day. And how you live each day will define how you live your life. So it is important to start each morning accordingly. There are some great habits to kick off your morning just the way you want so you can live a happy and productive life. Morning habits are crucial and it is easy to adopt but hard to sustain. You will have to force yourself for a long enough time until eventually, you feel disappointed if you miss any of it.

According to the famous book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, it takes the least 21 days to develop a new habit. There has been a message that’s been floating around the internet claiming that new habits are formed in 21 days. That’s incorrect information, the author mentions that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit. The false message (which seemingly evolved form this book) suggests someone can adjust to a new condition within 21 days which does not hold fact.

There is no solid scientific backing to a magic number of days that helps you adopt a new habit. However, this study from the European Journal of Social Psychology approximates it to be 2 months or more specifically said 66 days. But everything depends on the person and type of behavior they are trying to adopt. There is no solid number, but there is a range. A range of hope you should be looking forward to while trying to adopt these habits.

1. Drinking water

Our body is made of 60% water, which means water is the most essential component of our body. It is not necessarily supplied by our own body, so we have to supply it ourselves. Just by knowing the shear volume of water in our body should be enough to learn its importance. So drinking enough water is a mandatory task without any appeals.

This may just be one of the easier habits to adopt since you can just place a glass of water right where you sleep. You can wake up looking at a glass of water and effortlessly drink it. There isn’t a lot of physical or mental stress evolved here, so you better not be thinking of any excuses.

Drinking water in the morning comes with a package of enormous benefits. This includes rehydration that can maintain your body water levels straight throughout the busier day time or help increase weight loss because of increased metabolic rate that accompanies it. Drinking water can also improve mental performance as decreased mental performance is often associated with dehydration.

2. Expressing gratitude

Giving thanks can make you happier and if it isn’t happiness you want, then seriously what do you want? Expressing gratitude every morning is one of the best habits you can adopt. This may be a little mentally demanding for a lot of you who could be going through tough times. But benefits are both mental and physical. Being thankful for each day can significantly improve your mood throughout the day.

Improving your mood can also help significantly improve your physical being. People with higher gratitude are more likely to keep their bodies healthy. They are more likely to exercise and generally lead a healthier lifestyle including in food consumption. Mental wellness and physical wellness are correlated, hence being grateful for each day is free real estate for health and productivity.

There are many ways to express gratitude in your daily lives. One of the easiest ways would be to keep a gratitude journal. There are other ways like thanking someone mentally or writing a thank you note you can easily adopt. Waking up and expressing gratitude in some form can affect your life positively. So, try doing it from tomorrow.

3. Asking important questions

What exactly are you waking up for each day? And what do you plan to achieve in the long run? There is a lot of things you need to bring clarity to yourself before you can grow successfully. As long as you are not asking yourself these questions, you are doomed for failure. Because asking them gives you a direction to take your day. And if you don’t know what to do, what’s the purpose of waking up even?

One of the best first things to do in the morning is to ask yourself important questions. You don’t need to ask new questions every day or try to recollect everything on the go. You can keep a list of questions you are seeking answers to and read it every day. That will give you a quick boost of determination and a sense of proper goal to achieve. Vaguely defining your goals is a trap, you must be very specific about it. So repeating what you want every morning is a great way to keep it embedded in your mind.

4. Making your bed

You may have seen this video that went viral on Facebook and other social media platforms way back in 2014. It was a speech by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, BJ ’77, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command (full speech). If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed says the admiral while addressing his gathering.

Making your bed has a package of benefits. If you have nothing to do and don’t know how to start your day, start it by making your bed. Seeing a made bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. And if you had a terrible day, as the admiral suggests, you can always go back to a made bed. Little things in life matter.

Making your bed every morning could be a gateway for cleanliness. You will be subconsciously prompted to keep your room tidy. A tidy room encourages productivity and helps reduce stress. It can also help you save embarrassment (you know what I mean). Most importantly, it can lead to developing other positive habits.

5. Prioritizing tasks for the day

Sure, you want to lead an awesome and productive life. That means you should do the most important task first. It is a no-brainier to come up with a mental image of how your day should look like. One of the best habits to adopt in the morning would be to prioritize tasks for the day. Identify the most important task and do it first. Then follow the rest of your priority list accordingly.

Coming up with a priority list also helps you develop a sense of direction. There will be a sense of your end goals for the day. This can help improve motivation levels. Passing through a vaguely defined set of events every day will get you to lose your motivation. A priority list helps keep track of your day and helps realize what it achieved by the end of it.

You can set up long term priorities for your life and divide them for each day. You can revise it each morning, mark your progress at night and redo it the next day. It is very important that you know what you want to achieve any given day. It doesn’t need to be a big achievement, but there must be something small to achieve each day. You will, in time earn the long benefits.

6. Reviewing goals

Goals are why you live but the relevance of your goals can change from time to time. If you are a skinny person and want to build a body, the goal is set straight but at some point in time, it will become irrelevant. Not all goals are meant to stick around forever and have to be changed. That’s why reviewing your goal once in a while is important. Or better yet, you can review your goals every morning to make sure you don’t miss the due date.

The best thing to do is to divide your goals into different categories. There should be your financial goals, relationship goals, and personal goals. You can review them every day, change or set new goals. You can also make sure that your quest to meet one goal isn’t necessarily interfering with your other goals. Sometimes work-related goals tend to interfere with your personal and relationship goals. Reviewing and prioritizing can help you balance your personal and professional lives.

7. Shaking your body

If you track successful people, you will find a common trait among them. They all engage in some kind of physical activity every morning. That’s because physical activity helps you release endorphins that improve your mood and keep you happy. For the busy ones, you can do this without having to go to the gym. Physical activity does not mean you have to do physical exercise with standard equipment. It can be simply playing badminton or doing some dance moves.

While standard exercises like doing regular pushups do not hurt and can help you build your body. It isn’t necessary if you don’t want to do it, especially if you are not looking to build a body. Many people are interested in dancing or playing physical games. Utilize what you like, as long as you are engaged in some sort of physical activity every morning, you will get the endorphin kicks.

8. Reading something positive

We all read the news in the morning but the news is filled with negative things for the most part. While it is important to be aware of current affairs, it is a bit damaging to consume negative things in the morning. If you want to go for current affairs, find something positive to read. That could be something inspirational someone has done. Don’t read about politics or crimes in the morning, it’s not the best way to start your day.

I avoid news altogether in the morning and just read inspirational books or stories. I also love watching science videos which energize my inner mind for some reason. Inspirational Buddha stories is another of my personal favorite. You can pick anything that you find positive. If it’s stories of successful personalities to the latest technology news, whatever you feel good about, it is okay. The only condition is that you must feel good after reading it. Only then the effort will pay off.

9. Visualizing success

How you want the end of the day to be? And how you want the end of your life to be? Visualize it. Success can be hard to achieve, especially when motivation, by human nature, degrades with time. Visualizing you succeed is one of the best ways to do so. Visualizing success every morning can lead to improved motivation levels. That is a great way to cope up with diminishing motivation over time. What motivates you makes you stronger.

You probably have some idea about how your success should look like. Not just how it looks like in terms of monthly income, but also other ways. Like your car, your house or anything else luxurious or not. So, visualize your success as driving yourself a Lamborghini, or anything that makes you very tempting towards achieving success. I am not asking you to live in a dream world. I am asking you to imagine your dream world every morning and then start working for it. Your motivation levels for the day will be noticeably up.

10. Eating proper breakfast

You are what you eat and your day will be what you eat in the morning. For the very busy people, no matter what you skip, do not skip your breakfast. It’s called breakfast for a reason.

Eating a proper healthy breakfast is extremely important. Your eating habits dramatically affect the way you think and work. If you are leaned towards eating just fast food every morning, it can end up hurting you in the long run. Eat healthy nutrition-rich food, if you are confused about personal recommendations, consult an expert. But whatever you do, you should not skip breakfast in any case. And you must make sure that your kids don’t skip them either.

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