13 Benefits of Writing

I used to believe writing is a skillful task that needs to be learned and mastered. However, with time I‌ realized that embracing writing as a skill to make an economic living is a tapered view of the whole art. Writing to lead a professional life is all too different from the indigenous art itself. No one should be worried about the associated skills of a professional writer. Writing for a living does not always mean writing to make money. Writing is a great tool for achieving better physical and mental being. So writing professionally or not, it will still contribute to our overall living positively. The writing skill, in this case, matters to a much lesser degree.

Writing is my favorite hobby and I do it every day even if it turns out to be a scribble. Bear in mind that I am not a professional writer by any means. I am only in this game because it adds positivity to my life. Perhaps, it indirectly contributes to my daily living.

This could be because writing has many proven benefits that accompany the art. It is already made evident by the plethora of influential people that have vouched for it. Let us take a look at a few of them anyways.

“My most essential possession is a standard-sized school notebook.”

Richard Branson

1. Reduce anxiety

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It is caused by the fear of what is about to happen. That’s primarily caused by a lack of clarity in your mind. Writing helps you attain better clarity in your thoughts and ideas. Once your mind is clear and your understanding is sharp, you will automatically be less worried about uncertainties in the future. That means you will have significantly reduced your stress and anxiety levels.

This is further expanded by this study conducted by the British Journal of Health Psychology where it was concluded that positive emotional writing leads to lower stress levels. The study further elaborates that the frequent use of swear words could be employed by distressed people as a coping mechanism.

2. Organize your thoughts

As already discussed in the above section, writing gives you more clarity in your thoughts. You will earn a better understanding of your thoughts and it’s relations. That way you can easily help organize your thoughts and ideas better. This will lead to better thinking and communication capability. Both of which are very essential for your personal and professional life.

Once your thoughts are organized, you can make it work together and revise it as needed. This is important because so many people struggle to get their ideas together. That affects their daily living, including income and relationships.

3. Handle hard times

Times can be hard and surviving them can be harder. But so as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That’s why you must go through the hard times and win them over. The character development that accompanies a hard time will help you earn success in life. And writing might just be the one tool that you need to unlock it.

Writing, specifically doing journals help you get through hard times faster. Journals help you keep account of your daily life and cope up with reality. It improves your consciousness as all your mental junks are leftover in your diary. That means your mind is clear of any incumbent pollution.

Journals are also a great way to stress relief for people that are less comfortable sharing their personal life with others. Lack of communication or its ability thereof causes mental depression. However, writing journals give one a feeling that he is being heard. Writing journals is talking to yourself and talking to yourself is very important.

4. End task your thoughts

Have you ever lost sleep because you couldn’t stop thinking about something? Well, that happens to everyone. Overthinking about something is a real problem almost everyone faces in this world. There might be so many ways to stop thinking too much and go to sleep but a healthy way would be to write the things down. Take a piece of paper and write anything that bothers your mind. You will find that it is less or better yet, not bothering you at all.

Random thoughts could be distracting you even in the day time. This causes artlessness and could be dangerous while doing activities like driving. It will cast a shadow on your work-related performance and eventually cost you an unaccountable loss of money. One of the simplest ways to counter mind-wandering thoughts is to just right them down. You can recollect it as you wish.

5. Recover memories

One of the best things about writing is that it helps you recover your memories. Writing down things you remember can help you remember things you forgot. The chances are, something along the lines you wrote will trigger your brain to recover your lost memory. Whether this is about a specific conversation you had with someone or an event you watched, this can turn out to be very helpful.

This can be better utilized by writing your daily life in a diary. That means you will always keep track of your daily life. That will improve your memory and learning. You will be better equipped each passing day and over time, you will have a physical record to look back at your life and be proud about.

6. Bring clarity to life

Life can be overwhelming with too many events and too many people that pass through our lives every day. It is almost impossible to keep things in perspective in your life. But there is one way, and it’s as simple as writing. Writing will enhance clarity in your life. That’s because, for each passing event, it will help you put things in perspective. We all, after a long overwhelming day, struggle to put things in perspective. And with sufficient passage of time, we will have no idea what happened and what to make of it. This is dangerous if things creep into your personal or professional life.

One of the best things that come out of writing daily is better clarity in your life. This can be done even by tracking your life through a note-taking app. You don’t have to waste a lot of time doing it. It could be a 5-minute process every day before going to bed. Physically writing can make it even better.

7. Improve self awareness

Writing is also a chance to reflect on yourself. What you are interested in writing and how you choose to do it is a reflection of your mental being. This means you can become aware of yourself by writing. These are things that otherwise spend time behind your mind’s backlogs. Writing can make it come forward. Improved self-awareness will bring a big change to your life style.

The writing process can help you start thinking more critically about your life. You will be aware of the subconscious decisions you take and how they affect you. That will keep you alert even in your smallest decisions and come up with productive solutions that can dramatically improve your life.

8. Mass communication

If you are like me and love to blog, that means you are a mass communicator. Whether you blog, write a book or write anything that involves people reading your content. That is mass communication. Writing is a mass communication tool that if properly utilized can change people’s lives in a global scale.

Life is all about leaving an impact. That impression you left while leaving to the heavens is what you will be remembered by. And writing maybe the best tool to make people remember you. Because your writing can inspire people and aspire them towards their goals. You don’t need to be the biggest philosopher of all times to do this. You just need to share any practical values you gained and help other people out.

Not many people are comfortable communicating orally. This is especially true when communicating with large groups of people. So if any of you wish to communicate on a massive scale but is uncomfortable doing so, writing is the best method to adopt. Writing is very compatible with introverts as well.

9. Catalyst for learning process

Writing is learning thoroughly. One can significantly improve his learning by writing things down. Writing things while trying to learn may sound counterproductive in terms of the time it takes. But the concrete understanding and hence the retention that comes with it is worth the trade-off. Writing to learn is one thing, but learning to write is another.

It is always better to avoid electronic gadgets in this specific case. Using electronic gadgets may end up costing way more time than just writing them down. That’s for obvious reasons. But writing them down with hands is also proved to be more effective. There are many scientifically proved approaches to writing that can help enhance learning even better.

10. Better verbal communication skills

Writing is something you do that is way more conscious than simply talking. That means you will come up with better words and proper sentence formations while doing so. Your higher consciousness will lead to improved quality in communication. Greatest speeches are always written first before they are spoken.

Even if you are not giving a speech, you might as well as write down your conversation with your customers before talking with them. This will improve your vocabulary and clarity in communication. That can be very detrimental to your professional life. Even in your personal life, if you are looking forward to a date. Writing down things that you plan to communicate can significantly improve your communication during the date. We all know how that could potentially turn out.

11. Brainstorms great ideas

We all been to situations where we need to come up with some great ideas. whether this is a college project, a startup, an established business or even when running a blog. Writing things down is a brainstorming process. You will get hit by a wide range of ideas down the road. I have personal experience with this because whenever I write an article, in midway I have a plethora of new article ideas. This could be because writing forces you to think. There isn’t really another option than to use your brain to a good extent while writing.

So if you are looking for ideas, start writing now. Take a piece of paper and just scribble your way through your existing thoughts. Soon new ideas will form and you will be amazed by your own brain.

12. Physical footprint

Writing leaves a physical footprint of your existence. You will not be remembered unless you give a reason to. You may not have the best leadership qualities to lead an impactful life. But that is barely necessary in this case. After all, how many people have such qualities? Writing is for everyone that wants to leave a physical footprint of their existence to the rest of the world. Writing has no partiality in terms of their other qualities or identities.

Even if you are uncomfortable showing your writing to the world, you can still keep a personal diary. This personal diary will be a gateway to leave a physical footprint and shall be cherished by the next generation in your family line up. There are no excuses not to write unless your willingness is lax.

13. Sense of accomplishment

This is very evident each time I click the publish button. It is such a stimulating task. I always felt that after writing each blog post, I have achieved something pronounced. I have left a mark that will be mine for ever and should be attached to the internet even if I am gone. I have wrote something that provided and continues to provide practical value to a reader across the globe.

The sense of accomplishment that comes after writing something is a real stimulant. This shall be learned and experienced in-person to know it. That’s why I want to tell anyone who read this to try writing at least once in their life. You will never know what will change your life for the good.

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