Lifting words is a solo work and has mainly 4 categories of post. The blogging section discusses tips and tricks from the author’s blogging journey while the writing section features posts about his favorite habit. Life and productivity are just what the name suggests it to be while the stories section posts inspirational content.

Author’s personal note

“My name is Aravind Sanjeev, I hail from India and I am pursuing bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Content creation has always been my deepest passion and has sought many attempts to squeeze on opportunities for the same. I have a vivid desire to learn different aspects about making of our modern world. This includes anything from history, politics & economics to science & technology. I know that sounds very overwhelming but as they say it, be a jack of all trades and master of none.”

The making of Lifting Words

Lifting Words was launched as an attempt to materialize my two coherent passions. I love to create content whether it be in writing, graphical illustrations, videos or of other forms. And I love to learn. This was a winning combination for me and I have decided to incorporate them. Hence, Lifting Words was born.

Here at Lifting Words, I produce regular content on things mostly related to practical life. This includes generic How-To tutorials, Life Hacks, Motivational Posts, Success/ Failure Analysis and Opinion Posts. The topics range in any matter that is of practical importance in a modern human. That’s why they are the “Lifting Words”. Want to be lifted? Follow me below.