10 Things We All Secretly Hate About Blogging

Blogging is a great way of self-reflection, realization, and expression. I have been blogging for years and tried everything from BlogSpot, Weebly, Medium to WordPress and everything in between.

That means I got some really bad vibes from failing numerous blogs. It still echos in my brain. After failing more than five blogs, I feel I am qualified to write this post.

While blogging is an enjoyable and sounding job, it is necessary to understand and accept the strings attached. This is not the “terms and agreements” you checkbox without reading while signing up for a random website. Make sure you are prepared for it before investing time and money in blogging.

#1. A dried idea well

So one fine day, you started your new blog. You are really excited and pumped up about it. You seem to have unlimited blog post ideas and can make the most active blog in the world. That is until you realize you don’t.

This is a very common phenomenon among bloggers, especially new ones. Most people get excited about their new blog but eventually their ideas and motivation dries out.

It happened to me a few times and I was forced to shut down multiple blogs. I was posting daily in the beginning, then it turned to weeks, then months and eventually shut shop.

In my post 3 Free Websites That Will Make Your Blogging Life Easier, I discussed a way to get more ideas using HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator.

#2. SEO obsession

As soon as I started my new blog, SEO started popping up everywhere. I tried googling “how to be a successful blogger” and the amount of “SEO experts” seems to be unlimited.

I went on a venture to implement them and lost my blogging activity in the process. Now that was effectively worth nothing but a waste of time.

SEO matters, but your content matters even more. Concentrate on building quality content first. As your blog grows content-wise, you can start implementing SEO tips.

But if you are going to try to do SEO and be obsessed about it in each post, you are going to give up real quick.

#3. Theme customization

I hate this part of my blog’s existence. Why am I so tempted to keep making adjustments in my blog? I am doing this even after years. I guess I am a veteran now.

I am pretty sure some of you bloggers can relate. It is very tempting to keep making minute adjustments in your blog. Sometimes this is done only to be reversed a week later.

This costs hours from your time which you are being totally unproductive. Realize it and get the better of it.

#4. Blog stats obsession

I used to have this obsession especially when I started new blogs. I tend to check my stats all the time. If you have a new blog, chances are your stats won’t have any significant difference over short periods.

I constrain myself from looking up the stats every time and limit it only to Sundays. That way, there will be a sizeable difference to look at, learn and take actionable steps.

So do not waste your time looking at your blog’s stats. Convert those hours to do something productive in your blog.

#5. Grammar

This one is a bit obvious. This comes due to the fear of judgment. We are all concerned about how readers will perceive us because of bad grammar.

It is necessary that you try your best to keep your posts clean of grammar mistakes. However, there is no need to be over hyped about it.

Excessively spending time fixing the minutest grammar mistake will take so much effort for too little results. You have to make sure that you don’t have any typos and your basic grammar is correct. But you don’t need to pull out The Huffington Post in each article you write.

#6. I should/shouldn’t have wrote that

Every time I click publish, turn off my computer and leaves the room, I get another spike of ideas I should have included. I have learned to fight the urge to edit my posts again, at least not immediately.

Remember when you are in the shower after a debate and all the points you could have said travel through your brain. It’s the same thing.

I have a hack to avoid this from happening. I let my posts sit for a week before publishing. I get some astounding ideas over the time which I include in my blog posts. Eventually, when I am ready to publish it, the post is automatically organized and thorough.

#7. Niche relevance

Is my post really relevant to my niche? or is it going a bit off-topic? I hate it when this struggle happens. I started this blog to post things in practical life. Anything that helps add positive improvement to the reader was my primary motive.

However, when I start writing about blogging tips, I start to wonder whether this blog actually fits for it. I mean I have sleeping tips in the same blog (LOL). That was an odd combination.

Chances are, picking a general niche will give you freedom on what to post but you will be always confused whether it goes off-limits or not. This struggle is real but can be overcome with time as you develop a concrete idea in your mind.

#8. Forgetting blog post ideas

Whenever I find myself thinking greatly, I am in the shower or shaving my beard. And those aren’t the best times to take note.

A minute into the game and I forget what I had in mind. It’s an instant regret when it happens.

Personally I have a note-taking app on my phone to write down instantaneous ideas I get from my mind. It works fine except the majority of them happens when I cannot use my phone. Deal with it, I guess.

#9. Unable to reach a logical conclusion

This post might have been a great example of blog posts not being able to reach a logical conclusion. Thankfully I had “10 things” in my mind.

Make sure that you know the logical conclusion you want to reach before starting to write it. I have written posts that took me days and I ended up trashing them because I am unable to reach an actual conclusion.

#10. No one read your post

This happens especially to newbies. You spend days writing a quality blog post and still no one actually read it. That’s an instant red flag to your motivation levels.

It is completely natural and there is no need to be demotivated. Just because your post didn’t gain traction today doesn’t mean it won’t go viral tomorrow.

Remember, success is an average of what you do every day. You don’t have to stress about failing at the beginning or performing low in a given day/post. In due course, they will add up to give better results in the future.

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